Quick File

Automated Barclays Bank Feed

We are pleased to announce that Quick File now supports automated bank feeds for all Barclays Business account holders. This will keep Quick File constantly synchronised with your Barclays online account, saving you time importing or manually entering your bank transactions.

Setting up your bank feed is really simple!

In the bank overview area, you will now see an option to setup your feed. You'll need to make sure your bank account is configured as a Barclays account before the option appears.

Barclays Bank Feed Instructions

Once your feed is active, Quick File will automatically retrieve your daily transactions without you needing to do a thing!

What about all the other banks?

At Quick File we are committed to developing the technology to work with all major UK banks. We are continuing to develop new integrations for other banks and we will notify you as soon as the new bank feeds become available to use.

We hope you enjoy the added convenience of using the Barclays Bank feed!