Quick File
29th September 2011

We've added a few more features to Quick File in the last couple of weeks. Here is a brief roundup of what's new.

Integrated Bookkeeping Assistance

Categorising your purchases can be tricky for the non-accountant, that's why we have developed an inline helper button to remove the doubt. You can now search through 100s of common items to discover the correct category to place your purchases under. If you still can't find a suitable match then the details can be sent to us at the click of a button and one of our bookkeepers will respond in a couple of hours.

Profit and Loss Statement + Balance Sheet Report

It's been a long time coming but we now have a full profit and loss statement along with a balance sheet that you can access in the reports section. You can customise the date range and download all the data in CSV format.

The Quick File Video Library

We are in the process of creating a new video library that will show you how to complete many routine tasks in Quick File. The first two videos we have recorded can be viewed below.

Creating a New InvoiceCreating a New Invoice
Logging a new purchaseRecording a New Purchase

We hope you find the videos useful and if you have any recommended guides you would like us to publish, please let me know.