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Bank Tagging Rules

Automate your Bookkeeping!

We believe that nobody should be slaving over their bookkeeping for hours on end. Our mission has always been to automate accountancy and to liberate people so they can focus on their business. That's why we have just launched a major new update to the bank tagging feature. You can now create your own set of rules that will tell Quick File how to handle your routine bank transactions.

How do Bank Tagging Rules Work?

You can create a rule manually or dynamically when tagging an item. You are effectively telling Quick File that any future bank transaction that is similar to this one should be tagged in exactly the same way. Any repetitive payments to suppliers, income from customers, wages, tax payments or movements of money can be correctly allocated without you having to do a thing.

Fully or Semi Automated?

By default, tagging rules are semi-automated. This means you need to confirm each allocation manually once it has been identified by a rule. When you are confident, you can switch to fully automated mode and any new bank transactions will be tagged without you needing to do a thing.

More Rules = More Automation

Add as many bank tagging rules as you like. The more rules you add, the less you will need to do manually!

Where do I Start?

The bank tagging rule console can be accessed from the bank management screen. You will also see options to create rules while tagging. If you need further guidance on bank tagging rules you can refer to the following guide:

Bank Tagging Rules - Online Guide

Happy Tagging!