Quick File

New Quick File Updates

3rd May 2012

We rolled out a few updates last night to improve upon some key areas within the Quick File system. Here is a brief overview of the changes we have implemented.

Invoice Designer

New Invoice Design Settings

As we've developed Quick File we have tended to bolt on various controls for the invoice design and layout based on user requests. This has resulted in a sprawl of different settings that were hard to find and not very well organised. Some of the controls could only be accessed from behind the scenes when users requested them.

We have now simplified the invoice design area and organised all the various settings under one point and click preview screen. We've added a bunch of new controls for allowing custom footers to be embedded, labels to be re-worded and elements to be hidden away.

You can explore the new invoice design area by clicking on the account settings menu item and then clicking on the invoice style tab.

Be sure to let us know what you think! Also any further suggestions regarding design controls that you think would be useful, we will be more than happy to hear them out.

No more Quick File Watermarks on your Invoices

We've decided to drop the Quick File watermarks on the PDF invoices, you can now use the new design settings (explained above) to add what you want to the footer.

Ageing Reports for Sales and Purchases

Ageing invoice reports
Pulling up ageing reports on your invoices is now much easier. All you need to do is perform an advanced search from the invoice management screen and change the status to OVERDUE. The report will now pull in a couple of extra columns to show the due date and how many days late each invoice is. You can also rank your invoices in age order making it simple to prioritise your bad debts.

15 Minute Data Backups

Last month we moved over to a 15 minute backup cycle allowing us to capture differential backups of the server. The backups are routed to a separate server giving us much improved security over all client data.

Don't forget you can also setup your own backup schedule and have all your data emailed to you weekly or monthly.