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Invoice Template

In this article we will look at the standard invoice template used within the QuickFile Accounting System. It is worth noting that the various elements within the invoice may be controlled within the invoice style page, located in the account settings area.

QuickFile use a fairly standard template with the sender and recipient address details positioned in the top left portion of the invoice. The top right hand area is reserved for the company logo and a series of optional labels such as, issue date, due date, account reference and purchase order reference, amongst others. The central portion of the invoice template includes all the order specific information that you want to bill your client for. Below the itemised section there is a space for the cumulative invoice totals. Any VAT will be sub totalled here along with any sums of money already paid to date. Finally the QuickFile Invoice template reserves some space below the totals to include any specific invoicing terms such as payment methods and deadlines.

Here is a fairly standard template that you could adopt within the QuickFile system:

Invoice TemplateTo create your own invoice on QuickFile click here.

Invoice Format

The QuickFile invoice creation software is designed so that the user interface for building your invoice loosely matches that of the final invoice. Without going to much into the semantics the user interface looks something like this (It may however have changed slightly since this article was published).

Invoice Format

The client is selected and any defaults associated with the client are loaded into the invoice template. The itemised section of the invoice is designed so that you can quickly build your invoice and deploy any pre-saved inventory items or tasks into the table.

Address details

OK so the sender and recipient address details appear in the top left hand region of the invoice. They are carefully positioned by our software so that the recipient address fits neatly into the window of a standard DL sized letter.

Address regionInvoice Labels

Various labels can be dropped into the top right hand region that will convey additional information to your client. An example of which may be the VAT or Sales Tax number that is required for any companies levying an additional tax on their goods or services. A list of typical invoice template labels can be seen below. These labels are currently used within the QuickFile Invoicing system.

Invoice LabelsItemised Section

The itemised section of the invoice template incorporates a series of columns where you can include the product or service name (shorthand), a longer description of the item, the unit cost, quantity and subtotal. For service related items the QuickFile system allows you to bill by the hour and presents the information in such a way as to show the number of hours and hourly rate.

Item Notes

QuickFile makes it possible to append the itemised section with addition information that may be useful to the client. For example you may wish to furnish the client with some information relating to delivery estimates or refund policies.

Itemised NotesFooter Totals

Below the itemised section you will want to show your subtotals, Tax or VAT totals and any amount already credited to the invoice. Speaking of which, the QuickFile system makes it easy to attribute payments to your invoice template and keep a ledger of activity relating to each invoice.

Additional Invoice Terms

The invoice terms section sits right at the bottom of the invoice and provides an open-ended way to further embellish your invoice with additional information relating to payment terms, accepted payment methods and any other relevant information that may proves useful to the client.

The invoice terms can be saved so that they automatically appear within each invoice.


Creating an invoice in QuickFile is fast and painless. The additional flexibility within the QuickFile system will enable you to get the layout just how you want it. If you would like to tryout our software right now, then why not sign up today for a free invoicing account.