Quick File

Say Hello to Networked Accounting!

We find the process of entering receipts quite tedious. Why is it that your suppliers are keying your invoices into their accounting system, posting them out, only for you to key them back into another system! Wouldn't it be easier if you could invite your suppliers onto Quick File and get them to push their invoices straight into your account? That way they are effectively doing your bookkeeping for you! We thought this would be very useful so we have just rolled out a brand new set of networking tools, making it easy to invite your suppliers onto the Quick File network, thus liberating you from the mundane task of keying in their paper receipts.

Find out more about our Networked Accounting Tools here!

Free Unlimited Access to Quick File

Several weeks ago we decided to open up the Quick File platform and make it completely free of charge! There is no reduction in features or quality of service...Everybody gets the same excellent software. Our assisted bookkeeping and accounts submission packages are still available to anyone who would like to bolt-on our tailored accountancy services.

Our latest pricing schedule can be found here.

Electronic VAT Returns

We have invested a great deal of time building what we believe to be the most robust electronic VAT filing service available. Our latest updates now allow for cash or invoice accounting schemes, Electronic EC Sales submission, manual adjustments and full CSV reporting. You can find the VAT return tools in the reports section, accessible from your dashboard.

Around the Corner

As we speak our engineers are working on some exciting updates for Quick File. It is our aim to make the system multi-currency enabled by September 2011. We are also working on a mobile application for streaming your receipts directly into Quick File while you are on the move. We will let you know as soon as we have any further details on these developments.