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The Receipt Hub

As we move into an age of paperless commerce it can be difficult to bridge the gap between our digital and paper accounting records. We've always believed that your information should be accessible from wherever you are and streaming in new information should be effortless.

In our mission to automate accountancy we are pleased to introduce the new Receipt Hub. The Receipt Hub is really a collection of tools that allow you to upload and organise your receipts in the cloud.

Email, your receipts directly to your account, upload through Dropbox or capture and upload from your mobile phone. We take a look at some of the new features below.

Email in your receipts

Is your inbox full of receipts? No worries, just email them to 'receipts@quickfile.co.uk' and they will appear instantly in your Receipt Hub. You can then preview and tag them to your existing records in Quick File. If there's nothing to match the receipt against then you can build the record directly from the receipt preview window.

Find out more here..

Turn your phone into a mobile receipt scanner

We've been using an app called CamScanner for over a year now. It's free to download for I-Phone and Android and allows you to capture and upload your receipts when you're on the move. Say goodbye to the shoebox crammed full of receipts!

We show you how to get started with CamScanner here..

Link to Dropbox

Dropbox is an excellent cloud storage application that adds a virtual drive to your desktop into which you can copy files and synchronise them with all your devices. We've developed a clever little Dropbox module that creates a dedicated folder in Dropbox where you can drag and drop all of your receipts. Within a couple of minutes they will be whisked away to your Receipt Hub where you can preview and tag the items. Dropbox is perfect for uploading larger numbers of files and can even be accessed from your smartphone.

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Why stop at Receipts?

Why indeed! You can upload any documents you like to the Receipt Hub. Any documents you upload can be moved into the Document Manager and categorised under their own heading. The Receipt Hub can also be used for letters, contracts, remittance slips, HMRC correspondence...practically anything you like!

Further Reading

We have a comprehensive overview of all the new Receipt Hub features here. If you want to get in touch about the Receipt Hub or any other Quick File service be sure to head over to our forums and we'll be happy to help!