Quick File
Updated User Interface and Navigation
5th January 2013

Over the New Year we've been busy giving Quick File a bit of a facelift. Although the changes are mostly aesthetic, we did introduce a much needed improvement to the horizontal menu. But before I go into any more detail..Yes we are aware that the custom logos and colours have vanished, this is not a fault, but a feature, or rather the discontinuation of a feature. The new user interface cannot be customised on the administration side, but fear not...the client side (where your clients log in to view and pay their invoices) has not been affected and will retain your original branding and colour themes.

Ok and now a brief overview of what has changed and why...


The rather blocky looking menu of yesteryear has now been replaced with a more intuitive (we hope!) dropdown menu system. All the key areas of the platform have been bundled into this menu allowing you to get from one place to another in a single click, without needing to take a round trip via the dashboard. All that's missing now is a search box on every page, this is in the pipeline and should be ready soon!


As part of the update we've stripped out a lot of the old styling and replaced it with something a little cleaner. Many changes are barely noticeable in isolation but the sum of which should make for a more subtle design that puts the data first...which is what the Quick File App is really about. This pursuit is by no means complete and we will continue to evolve the interface over time.


Part of the reason for us dropping the theming and branding on the admin side was to improve performance. The old system relied on custom stylesheets and user uploaded images which in some cases negatively impacted on load times. We may bring back some of these features in time, but they will require careful consideration and this is not at the top of our agenda for the moment. We appreciate some users with more than one account were relying on the branding to identify which account they were logged into. The new header now shows the company name on every page to plug this gap.

We hope you like the new user interface. As always, feel free to post any ideas or questions over on our community forum.