Quick File
Quick File April Updates
18th April 2013

We've been busy this month adding a bunch of new features to the Quick File platform. Find out more here..

Automated Invoice Reminders

Get on top of your late payers with the new automated invoice reminder service. You can now set a schedule for chasing overdue invoices and send your own reminders to be dispatched at set intervals. Look out for the following alert on your dashboard that will indicate when an invoice is ready to be chased.

You can configure when these triggers are set and customise the copy in your reminder email within the credit control settings area (found in account settings).

Once you're happy with the scheduling and wording in your reminders you can switch on the “auto-send” feature, sit back and save hours of your time manually chasing overdue invoices.

Rank your clients and suppliers by invoice spend or payments made.

We've updated the client and supplier management screens so that you can now quickly rank your clients and suppliers based on total invoice spend or total amount paid. All you need to do is pop open the “Advanced Search” box and select the additional columns in the highlighted row. You can then use the sorting icons on the table header to rank the results.

Rank invoices by amount

New invoice links

When you send an invoice or statement to your client in Quick File they receive a link to directly access, print and download the document. Now you can grab a direct link for invoices and statements so that they can be used in your own emails. This is handy when you want to formulate your own detailed emails with references to multiple invoices.

Direct invoice links

Upload a scan of your Signature

We understand that trying to sign a document with your mouse is very tricky indeed! That's why we have now updated the “User Management Screen” to allow a scanned image of a signature to be uploaded for each user on your account.

Upload a custom signature

The scanned signature will then automatically be appended to any letters you draft in Quick File. If you want to resize the signature once uploaded you can do so in the letter settings area.