Quick File

Quick File releases new web-based invoicing and billing product for businesses

We asked small business owners why they don't use accounting software for invoicing, and they explained that it didn't really meet their needs: too complex, too hard to learn accounting, and no real repayment of the time and money invested.

Therefore we started from scratch and built QuickFile.co.uk to solve their number one need: get paid easily and quickly. Quick File is focused on getting that task completed for small businesses; keeping it simple - and easy to hand off to an accountant or bookkeeper to take care of the rest. We designed Quick File to be a simple and easy system to use.

Many businesses want to do their invoicing online, although don't know how to make the switch to online invoicing, or can't afford to build their own proprietary online invoicing system. Quick File is the solution for these businesses. Invoicing is a costly pain for many businesses. Quick File is the painless invoicing solution which is low cost and helps business get paid and file quick:

  • Easily create, send, and track estimates, invoices and payment.
  • Receive online payments immediately through PayPal or other merchant accounts (available from Worldpay or Sage Payments).
  • Share data with your clients securely and strengthen your brand.

All the records held on the system are stored behind a state of the art encryption system that prevents data from being accessed or passed on without the user's permission. Quick File employ the highest level of encryption available. Users can send invoices via email at the click of a button, thus reducing cost to the business and the environment.

With the free Beta version of the exceptionally simple Quick File online service, you can create invoices and estimates right in your browser and the service will deliver an e-mail with a link to the document on the Quick File site, where your client will have their own dedicated account area. using the snail mail service you can also have the service send printed copies direct from a U.K. Postal Service. No more printing invoices, packing or licking envelopes. The paper invoices even go out with the link of your client's dedicated account area, making it easier for your clients to logon and pay their invoice.

Managing Director of Quick File, Glenn Drake said,

"Quick File was an exciting project to work on as we were keen to solve these problems in our own business. We found that most of the current invoicing applications on the market were fiddly and tailored more towards the accountant rather than the business owner. We wanted to build an application that was accessible online, a place where you could manage all your clients, invoices and estimates in one single place. Quick File was designed with meticulous attention to detail, everything about the user interface had to be clean, intuitive and to the point. We are confident that Quick File will turn a laborious task into something that can now be condensed into half the time!"

QuickFile launches its flagship invoicing system in December 2010. Be one of the first to try it out at www.QuickFile.co.uk.