Quick File

Quick File in a Nutshell

Quick File is a great way to manage your company's bookkeeping and accounts, bringing together a simple intuitive system for logging your sales and purchases with the added benefit of having your own accountant to file your year-end accounts. If you haven't got time to enter your receipts, don't worry...just stuff them all into one of our prepaid envelopes and we will digitise them and upload them to the cloud.

Invoices on the fly!

Creating professional looking invoices in Quick File is easy. You can email them directly to your clients or even grant them access to your own fully branded client area where they can view, download and pay their invoices online. If your clients are...let's say, a little old school, then we can print and post hard-copies on your behalf at the click of a button.

Bank Transaction Tagging

Your bank statement is like the back bone of your accounts...that's why we have built a very quick and easy tagging system where you can rip through your bank transactions and Quick File will create all your invoices and purchase receipts in the background. Use our bulk tagging tools to quickly categorise large numbers of similar transactions saving huge amounts of time you can now spend running your business.


Receipts, Receipts and More Receipts

If you have boxes in your office spewing over with receipts, then we are here to clear up the mess. Simple send all the receipts you want us to digitise and we will create a soft copy accessible from your control panel along with a categorised purchase record. You can quickly find any receipts and pull up reports on how much you are spending with each supplier.



You won't find endless lists of baffling reports on Quick File. We've designed the Quick File interface to work like one big interactive report. You can easily drill down on transactions, pull up graphs and traverse the system with ease.


Fully Managed Year End Process

When it's time to file your annual accounts and send off your tax returns, we will have an accountant on hand to complete the work for you. All you need to do is follow a simple end of year checklist and we will prepare all the statutory accounts and information necessary, depending on your business type.

Online Payments

One of the great advantages of using Quick File is the capability to get paid online by your client. Quick File can easily link into PayPal, Worldpay and SagePay by providing some details of your merchant account. If you go to 'account settings' in the left hand dashboard menu you, there is a link for 'Payments' on the proceeding screen, click here to setup your online payment integration.

Online Invoice Payments.

Designing and Customising your Client Area

Quick File has a number of tools to customise the look and feel of your administration and client areas. You can upload your own logo, create your own menu system and modify the colour scheme. To start tweaking the appearance of your system simply click on the 'Customise your Design' link on the dashboard.

Design Customisation.

Recurrent Invoicing

The recurrent invoicing feature enables you to setup a schedule of invoices that are automatically created and dispatched to your client. This is ideal for weekly, monthly or quarterly subscriptions.


If you would like to provide a quote to your client before you get them to commit you can create an estimate. An estimate can be created from the client detail screen. The client will receive an email to say that a new estimate has been created and they can view the estimate within their client area. From there they can accept or decline the quote. If an estimate has been accepted then it can easily be converted into an invoice at the click of a button.

Upcoming New Features

Quick File is really a work in progress. We are always developing useful extensions to the platform in order to make life easier. One of the key objectives with Quick File is to provide a full suite of accountancy tools to empower business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs to take control of their accounting in order to glean more information from their business and make informed financial decisions about the future. If you have any feedback, good or bad we encourage you to get in touch and let us know.