Quick File

Is QuickFile really free?

QuickFile is completely free to use for all extra small, small and medium sized accounts. We recalculate your account size once every few days based on the number of ledger entries you have made over a rolling 12 month period, you can read in more detail how this is calculated here.

What parts of QuickFile do I need to pay for?

QuickFile have always been committed to providing free accounting software to as many small businesses as possible. As we have grown this has become more challenging and in December 2015 we will be requiring all account holders with a Large or Extra Large account to acquire a Power User Subscription. You will find the official announcement regarding this change here.

QuickFile are also able to offer a range of assisted services such as accounts preparation and tax return filing. These services are provided by QuickFile along with our growing number of accounting partners.

These additional consultancy based services are chargeable, and indeed entirely optional. We are there to provide assistance when it is needed but we do not bombard our users with offers and you are entirely at will to use whoever you wish to help you with your accounts.

How Safe is my Data?

QuickFile go to great lengths to keep your data safe and secure. You can read about our data security policy here.

Will QuickFile sell my Data?

QuickFile will never sell your data to any third-party company. To enable certain features within the software we may need to communicate information from your account to the third-party, for example if you link your QuickFile account to a payment service provider. Such actions are only granted with your full consent.

Additional Reading

QuickFile are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) under registration number Z2597654. You can view our privacy policy here and our full terms and conditions here.