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Account ownership

In the event of a dispute of account access, the below outlines key definitions, and the procedure in place to assist with resolving the issue.

The account owner

  • The account owner is defined by the entity that set the account up, regardless of whether the account is free or has a subscription of any kind.

  • Where an individual created the QuickFile account, the current account administrator is defined as the owner.

  • If the account was set up by an Affinity account, the Affinity account is defined as the owner.

  • Ownership can be transferred from one individual to another by the change of administrator.

  • In the case of an individual having ownership, this individual is determined by the holder of the email address associated with the administrator’s access.

  • The owner will have ultimate responsibility for the account and its access.


  • The owner can invite other individuals to access the account and can determine what level of access the invited individual has on the account.

  • Key decisions relating to the account, including but not limited to, account closure, refunds of services, transfer of data, or transfer of ownership, are strictly restricted to the account owner only, unless in exceptional circumstances.

Account disputes

In the event of a dispute, you are encouraged to resolve this amicably where possible. QuickFile cannot be involved in disputes and will only liaise with the account owner relating to any account issues.

Account transfers

If you require a QuickFile subscription or ownership to be transferred, you will need to contact the existing owner about the transfer request.

If the owner does not consent to a transfer request, you will need to resolve the situation directly with the owner. In the event that this isn’t possible, you may need to use a dispute resolution mechanism, such as mediation or arbitration, or seek assistance of the courts.