Affinity Volume Discounts

What are Affinity Volume Discounts?

Affinity Volume Discounts enable you to benefit from a reduction of up to 15% on your monthly invoices. The more you spend on Affinity licensing, the greater the discount. If you are eligible to receive a volume discount we will automatically apply this to your daily usage fees.

Discount Tiers

There are three discount tiers depending on your estimated monthly spend (excluding any subscriptions), these are applied as follows:

Tier 1: £50.00 to £99.99 - 5% Discount
Tier 2: £100.00 to £149.99 - 10% Discount
Tier 3: £150.00 or more - 15% Discount

How is the discount applied?

The eligibility for a volume discount is assessed and applied to your account on a daily basis. By multiplying your daily spend through 31 we arrive at an estimated monthly cost, this is then compared against the discount tiers above, with any respective discount being applied each day to your accumulating fees.

When we apply a discount you will notice the following appended text on your itemised daily account debit.

Free QuickFile Accountant Directory Listing

We want to make it easy for QuickFile users to find accountants who are familiar with the QuickFile platform. For that reason we will provide a free entry in our QuickFile Accountant Directory for any Affinity user with 10 or more managed profiles. Once you exceed 50 managed profiles we will also provide a free Premium Listing in worth £60.