American Express Bank Feed

American Express provide a number of consumer and business credit card services that allow the card holder to earn points on their purchases and redeem these for various offers such as flights, gift cards, hotel stays and much more.

Setup a direct feed for your American Express cards

Please Note: You will need an active “Automated Bank Feed” subscription (£15 + vat per year) to setup a new Starling bank feed.

  1. If you have not done so already go to your bank management area and create a new credit card account for American Express.

  2. Make sure to set the bank name as “American Express” in the drop down list.

  1. Once created click to view the bank statement for American Express, then click “More Options ” and “Setup a direct feed ”.

  1. Click on “Connect me” button to be taken to the American Express authorisation page.

  2. You will be prompted to log into the American Express dashboard and then select the cards you’d like to link to yout QuickFile account.

  1. Once you’ve confirmed the card you would like to link you will be returned to QuickFile. You will now see the linked American Express credit card.

Closing Points

Here are a few things to note when connecting your American Express card to QuickFile.

  • The feed will start importing bank transactions from the date the feed was connected. Transactions that take place prior to this will not be imported by the feed but can be imported from a CSV file. To do this, log into your American Express online account and request an export of your transactions.

  • Inline with PSD2 regulations you will be asked to reconfirm your connection to American Express very 90 days. We’ll remind you when the time is due.

  • You can revoke access at any time by deleting your feed on QuickFile or by deleting the authorisation from the American Express app.

  • The feed will run once every 24 hours at around 4-6 am GMT. When the feed runs all booked transactions will be imported from the day previous.