What is the app marketplace?

To expand the range of tools on offer to our users, QuickFile has developed the App Marketplace. This allows developers to build their own apps which add functionality and opens up the door to greater connectivity for other apps too.

These apps are developed by the community or other companies and are reviewed by QuickFile before they are made public.

The purpose of the marketplace is not only to give you more options, but it allows you to grant other software packages access to your account with ease - all you need is your account number and a unique token.

Connecting the app to your account

A list of apps can be found by going to Help > Additional Services and selecting the QuickFile Marketplace:


This will reveal a list of apps that you have access to. If you want to connect an app to your account, simply click the green ‘Connect’ button. This will then display what the app wishes to do with your account. We show a complete list of API functions that it wishes to access, and what it means to you.


If you are happy with the requested permissions, click ‘Continue’, and we’ll generate a token for you to complete to the process. But just because it’s been connected on QuickFile, doesn’t necessarily mean the connection has been fully made.

It’s likely that the app vendor will now require the token to complete the set up. If we have a link for you to complete this, we’ll show it in the green box at the top of the page:

All they need now is your account number (which can be found in the top right hand corner when you’re logged into your QuickFile account), and the token you’ve just generated.

Never reveal your password

How can I revoke access?

If you need to disconnect an app from your account, simply go back to the app marketplace and click the red ‘Revoke’ button next to the app you wish to disconnect. This will completely remove the app from your account so they will no longer have access to any data you’ve previously granted.

If you need to reconnect the app, please follow the process above where a new token will be generated for you.

My friend has access to apps I don’t

Some apps are open to only testers or private groups. This is specified by the developer themselves.

If it’s in testing, it’s likely that it will become public at a later date and you will have access to it then. If however it’s part of a private group, you will need to contact the app developer to request access.