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Daily transfer limit explained


The document manager within QuickFile allows you to upload and organise all your company files in one place. From scanned receipts, letters, contracts, bank statements, or any other items that help you keep your desk paper-free!


To ensure the Document Manager runs smoothly, we impose a daily transfer limit of 52MB on all uploaded files. This keeps our service running quickly and ensures each user can access and upload their documents without any delay. When the daily limit has been reached, all the upload points to the document manager will be temporarily disabled until the quota has been reset at midnight.

Compressing files = Greater storage capacity

The key to getting more files uploaded into your document manager is down to good compression. For example, taking pictures from your camera phone and uploading to QuickFile will use up your daily limit in no time at all. Modern camera phones capture images at very high resolutions, often superfluous for most business related document scans. With a good method of compression you can get 20 times as many documents uploaded within your daily limit.

QuickFile app

If you have an iPhone or Android based device, you can download the official QuickFile app. This allows you to capture your documents with your phone camera, enter the receipt details, and upload them straight to your QuickFile account.

Find out more, and to download the app, visit QuickFile for Apple iOS and Android - Free Accounting Software