Executive Company Registration Service

The Executive Company Registration package includes the following items:

Simple, intuitive online application

Complete your application online using our electronic company registration service. [Find out exactly what information your require here](http://community.quickfile.co.uk/t/what-will-i-need-to-register-a-company/12792). We'll save your application as you go along so you can always return later. We estimate a typical completion time of 10-15 minutes, a company registration number is usually issued within 3-4 working hours (subject to Companies House workloads).

Digital Documents on Registration

Once your company has been officially registered we will issue you with a digital copy of your company registration certificate (PDF), memorandum and articles of association (Word) along with a share certificate for each named shareholder (PDF).

Two bound copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association

When registering your company we submit a bespoke set of Memorandum and Articles of Association to Companies House, this is suitable for practically all commercial companies. On successful incorporation you will receive a professional looking copy of these documents bound in a presentation file. These documents will be dispatched 1st class on the day the company is incorporated at Companies House. You will also receive a digital copy of these documents for your own safe keeping.

Printed Certificate of Incorporation

Once your company has been successfully registered we will print a certificate of incorporation in accordance with the guidelines set out by Companies House. The certificate of incorporation will display the company registration number and the official seal of Companies House. You will also receive a digital copy of the certificate (in PDF format) upon incorporation for your own safe keeping.

Gold embossed, hardback Company Register

All incorporated companies must have a company register that is usually situated at the registered office address. The company register is a statutory set of documents that contains information on the company directors, secretaries, shareholders, mortgages, charges, people with significant control (PSCs), share movements and debentures. The register also includes a set of blank share certificates that must be completed and issued to the company's shareholders as a record of their individual shareholding in the company.

Plier style company seal

A hand held company seal will be manufactured bearing the full name of your company and the company registration number. The seal is an officially recognised method for executing certain documents. The company seal is blue in colour and comes with it's own protective wallet.

First board minutes

When a new company is incorporated the directors may draw up a set of first board minutes. These minutes are for the record and usually include details on the appointment of the company's directors, secretary, shareholders, banker and accountant. The document is an editable template that is delivered in Microsoft Word Format.

Full set of resolutions for common procedures

With the executive package we include a collection of company resolution templates for common secretarial procedures. These documents are delivered in Word/RTF format and can be edited as needed.

Fast Track Business Bank Account (optional)

We work with Barclays, Lloyds and RBS to provide a range of simple, cost effective banking solutions. There is no additional cost for this service, simply register your interest and we will notify the bank with your key company details upon successful incorporation. This process will save you the time making a separate appointment with the bank directly.

Free E-filing and Monitoring

Take advantage of our free integrated filing services to file any one of the following changes for your new company:
  • Update registered office address
  • Appoint new Directors and Secretaries
  • Change Director or Secretary details
  • Resign a Director or Secretary

When you form your company with Company Wizard we will also track your key filing dates and notify you when your accounts and returns are due.

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