Please Note: To make use of the Global Scripts template you will need a good working knowledge of Javascript


Global Scripts are a powerful customisation allowing you to run your own Javascript/JQuery code directly within your QuickFile administration area. By implementing custom Javascript you are free to create a multitude of advanced features on top of the core QuickFile platform. You can use Global Scripts to auto form fill, clear default values, display warning messages and extend or override default behaviours within the User Interface.

What scripting languages/libraries are supported?

We currently support plain vanilla Javascript and JQuery 2.0. The script will get called in as an include and appended before the closing body tag. This will ensure the DOM is fully loaded by the time your custom script is called.

This script will only run in the administration system and will not be executed in the client area.

Example 1: Auto check the "Attach PDF" box

If you have enabled the option to send invoices, estimates and statements as PDF attachments, you may want to ensure that it is always checked by default. You can achieve this with the following single line JQuery statement.


Example 2: Clear the default purchase invoice receipt date

To prevent you from incorrectly saving your invoices with the default date (set as the date of creation) you may want to always blank this field, thus forcing manual entry. You can do this very easily with the following script.

//Clears the purchase date
$("#tblstaticInvoiceSettings #txtreceiptDate").val(""); 

//Clears the due date
$("#tblstaticInvoiceSettings #txtdueDate").val(""); 

Example 3: Auto-check add to calendar box

By default the options to add a purchase or sales invoice due date to Google Calendar is unchecked. You can make sure you never forget to add an important due date to your calendar using the following script.

//Add to calendar - send sales invoice
$(".page-sales-preview .chkcal_reminder").prop("checked", true);

//Add to calendar - new purchase invoice
$(".purchase-purchaseDetail-aspx #chkaddToCalendar").prop("checked", true);

//Add to calendar - Receipt Hub tagging
$(".receipts-detail-aspx #chkaddToCalendar").prop("checked", true);


The above examples present some very basic use cases for Global Scripts. We will be adding more examples over time and we encourage anyone with some useful scripts to share them on our forum.