Importing your Amazon purchases

If you regularly purchase items for your business using Amazon, you can now easily import them into QuickFile using the Amazon import tool. This tool will create multi-line purchase invoices from a CSV file that you can export from your Amazon business account.

Exporting your purchases from Amazon

Please note: Only Amazon Business accounts provide fully VAT itemised exports. If you are using a standard Amazon account we recommend opening a dedicated Amazon business account.

  1. Log into your Amazon business account.
  2. Click on “Your account”.
  3. Click on the “Business analytics” box.
  4. Under the “Reports” section click the option “Orders”.
  5. You will now have an option to specify which columns you want to be included in your exported file. We recommend you select all available columns, we will then pull out what is needed from the report.

Importing your purchases into QuickFile

Now you have your CSV file from Amazon, you can proceed to import this into QuickFile. The import process will create unpaid purchase invoices complete with line items (for multiple products in a single order) and VAT itemisation.

  1. Log into your QuickFile account and from the top menu select “Account Settings” followed by “Import Data” then “Import Amazon Purchases”.

  2. You will then have the option to select the Amazon supplier record on your account. Note that we automatically search for supplier records with the word “Amazon” in the name. If you don’t have such a supplier record please first create one.

  3. Once you upload your CSV file the orders will be presented as follows. You can now assign each order item to the appropriate nominal code. Once you are happy you can proceed to create the purchase invoices.

Reconciling Amazon orders to payments

Once you have completed the above steps, you will remain with corresponding unpaid purchase invoices for your Amazon orders. All you need to do now is link each outgoing payment on your bank to the corresponding purchase.

As you click to tag a “money out” entry just select “Payment to a supplier”, the tagging window will then suggest the Amazon purchase invoice with the matching amount. All you need to now is click to pay.

Things to note

The Amazon purchase import tool is a beta feature and has a few limitations that are listed below.

  • The import tool will check for duplicate orders using the Amazon order reference. This reference is stored in the purchase reference field of the purchase invoice.

  • You can import a maximum of 200 items at a time. If you have more than this we recommend splitting your orders over multiple CSV files.

  • Purchase invoices are created in GBP only at this time, support for multi-currency imports will be added in due course.