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Manual invoice payments and bank feeds

In QuickFile you can preview an invoice and manually log a payment to that invoice to mark it as paid. This process will deposit a payment to your bank account.

We will warn you if you are about to manually deposit a payment to a bank account for which there is an automatic bank feed. This is to prevent the situation where a payment is manually lodged and then later when the bank feed updates that same payment is imported to your bank account a second time.

So what’s the solution?

In most cases it’s better to wait for that payment to arrive on your bank account through your feed. You can even manually refresh your bank feed to speed up that process.

Once the corresponding transaction has imported to your bank account, click to tag it then proceed to select the option to tag as a payment from a customer or to a supplier. We’ll scan all your open invoices to find any matching the amount on the bank, all you need to do then is confirm the invoice and it will be marked as paid.

Other considerations

If an invoice is paid via a card processing service (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, Streamline, etc) then you should avoid paying this into your bank current account entirely and instead create a “Merchant” type account on the bank overview screen and pay your invoice into there instead. Later your card processor will likely pay a lump sum covering multiple items that you would then treat as a transfer from the merchant account to your bank current account when the payout is made. You can find out more about this process from the link below.

Handling payments from merchant accounts

If you need any help with adopting best practices when using QuickFile please don’t hesitate to a post a question here on our Community Forum.