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Power User Subscription vs Affinity

Accounts that are graded “Large” or above require an active subscription for continued access. There are two types of subscriptions within QuickFile, each with their own set of features and benefits.

Here’s a breakdown of the two…

Power User Subscription

The Power User Subscription is intended for a single company user who is managing their accounts on QuickFile and are either over the “Large” threshold (see here for an explanation of account sizes), or wish to take advantage of the advanced design & reporting features available as a Power User. This subscription includes the following features.

  • £45 + vat per year
  • Advanced Customisation
  • Segmented Profit and Loss Report
  • Full audit trail and revision history on invoices, estimates and recurring templates
  • Sent email log (last 6 months)
  • Retains copies of all emails sent from QuickFile for 6 months.
  • Enhanced Multi-Invoice entry
  • Detailed breakdown of Profits Available for Distribution
  • Split bank tagging
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Webhooks
  • Customised Dashboard totals


Affinity is a product aimed at multi-users such as accountants and bookkeepers. It is recommended when there is a need to access and monitor multiple QuickFile accounts from a single dashboard. Affinity also comes with the following capabilities.

  • Manage multiple QuickFile accounts within a single unified dashboard.
  • Global branding, set a colour scheme and logo for all managed accounts.
  • Companies House tracking, keep on top of multiple filing dates (Accounts & Confirmation Statements) for all managed companies.
  • Setup shared Workspaces for managing document exchange, communications and year-end checklists with your clients.
  • Pay monthly. Fees are based on the number and size of the managed accounts (see here for the latest prices)
  • No adverts or cross-promotions
  • Volume discounts available

Click here for more detailed information on Affinity

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