Product and time based invoicing

When you raise your first invoice in QuickFile you are presented with an option to invoice for physical items or time based services. This will set your default preference for any future invoices you create in QuickFile. You can easily change your default preference in the future and you are also not limited to invoicing for a certain type. With QuickFile you can freely add items and time based services together in the same invoice. Here are some examples of item and time based invoice entries:

Item based entry
500 Business Cards @ 0.8p each.

Time based entry
12 Hours of web development @ 30.00 per hour.

You can change your default preference at any time from the invoice design area. You can access this from main Account Settings >> Invoice Style:


On the invoice design preview click on the central itemised area. You will now see an option to switch your default preference.

When creating new invoices you can also add a combination of item and time based entries regardless of what default setting you have previously set. To create a new item line all you need to do is to click the button ‘Add New Line’ when creating a new sales invoice. A drop down menu will appear where you can select your line type.

Don’t forget you can also use the inventory system to save templated lines for both item and time based entries.