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Rebilling Expenses

In some cases you may incur costs an a particular service you offer that would like to rebill to your client. This is a common scenario for many businesses that provide consultancy based services or perhaps work on longer term projects for clients. These types of costs can include things like travel expenses, refreshments, sub-contracted work as well as physical materials.

How to Rebill Expenses

Rebilling your expenses is simple in QuickFile. You can select up to 50 expenses to rebill on a single client invoice.

From the Purchase Management screen select the purchase invoices that you would like to you rebill to your client.

Now in the “More Options” menu select the option “Rebill to client”.


You will now see a dialogue box with a few different options.

First select the client you’d like to rebill these expenses to. You can then set a percentage markup to add on to the original prices, if you’d prefer to rebill at cost price simply leave the percentage as zero.

You also have an option to rebill as physical items or as a time-based invoice. This option determines the layout of the sales invoice itemised section, i.e. for items (e.g. materials, fuel costs, parking tickets etc) or time-based invoicing (e.g. per hour).

Checking the box to attach receipt scans will take any receipt scans from the original expense records and make them available on the new sales invoice.


Once you click on the “Create Invoice” button you will now see the sale invoice composer with the pre-populated item lines taken from the original purchase invoices.

You can amend, remove or add items here before saving your draft sales invoice. Once the invoice is saved, if you previously checked the option to attach receipt scans, QuickFile will copy across any scanned receipts from the original expense invoices to the new sales invoice.

And that’s all there is to it, your rebilled expenses are now ready to be sent to the client.

VAT Treatment

If you are VAT registered, QuickFile will automatically rebill the expenses inclusive of VAT. This will happen regardless of whether or not the original expense invoices include VAT or not. There are only limited circumstances whereby an expense can be rebilled without VAT, these are referred to as disbursements. It’s advisable to check with HMRC if you’re unsure.

HMRC VAT Guidance: costs or disbursements passed to customers

Please note that the rebilling feature is only supported in GBP.