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Setting up an online payment provider


Getting paid on time is vital for any small business, providing multiple methods of payment helps to ensure that your clients can pay you with the minimum of fuss. QuickFile support several popular payment providers:

These options can be exposed in your branded client area so your client can go straight from the invoice preview to your payment processor of choice.

Getting Started

To get your QuickFile account hooked up to an online payment system you will first need to decide which portal best suits your needs. Let’s take a brief look at a few of the options available, you can also find more comprehensive details on each on our payment provider list here.


Worldpay is a well-established payment service provider that has a significant client base in the United Kingdom. They benefit from having a highly robust system and competitive tariffs for SMEs. Worldpay offer a range of packages some of which include the mandatory clearing account, referred to as a merchant account. Worldpay charge a recurring monthly fee and take a little longer to setup than some other providers (due to additional checks and security measures), this however is more than offset when the card turnover volumes increase.

Click here to be taken to the Worldpay website.


Perhaps the most widely known payment service provider in the world. PayPal are one of the quickest and simplest systems to start working with right away. The convenience does however come at a price. PayPal usually charge a percentage on each transaction, there are no concessions for debit cards (as with other providers).

We often recommend PayPal to merchants who are selling low ticket value items with smaller card turnover. Once the volumes increase PayPal’s standard tariff quickly becomes cost-prohibitive.

Click here to be taken to the PayPal Website.


Opayo, formelly known as SagePay is becoming a well-established player in the PSP market, particularly in the UK. Similar to Worldpay they offer a range of competitively priced packages for freelancers, SMEs, and larger organisations.

Click here to be taken to the Opayo Website


GoCardless are a disruptive payment processor leveraging the Direct Debit system to deliver a cheaper alternative to traditional card processors. The setup is fast and simple and GoCardless offer a great solution for larger ticket items and subscription-based businesses.

Unlike card payments, Direct Debits can take up to a week to clear so it’s not a viable solution where you need an instant guarantee of cleared funds. There are no recurring fees for GoCardless so it does work as an excellent complementary option to a card processor for those occasional larger invoices.

Click here to go to the website.

Linking into your Payment Service Provider on QuickFile

Now you have decided which provider best suits your needs, you will want to link in from your QuickFile account. The linking process is actually very straight forward, here’s how it is done:

1.From the dashboard click on the link “Account Settings” in the left hand menu.

2.On the “Account Settings” screen click on the link “Online Payment Integration”.

3.On the electronic payment options screen click on the “Setup Integration” link for the provider you want to link to.

You can link to multiple providers if you wish and your clients will then be given the option to pay via the services you have enabled.