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What will I need to register a company?

QuickFile provide an online Company Registration service for anybody looking to register a new UK Limited company. This online application will save the information you enter as you go along, however if you’d like to get an overview of what information you’ll need to supply please read on.

Registering a UK company takes on average around 3-4 working hours, the process can be done entirely online and no live signatures or original documents are required. You will need however to supply the following information:

  • A unique company name (help with choosing a name)
  • A UK address for your registered office (A London based regsitered office is available for non-UK residents or those wishing to protect their personal address - £69.99)
  • At least one individual to act as director and shareholder

For each individual appointed to the company you will also need to supply the following:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • A service address (Where Companies House will send any letters).
  • A residential address (Hidden from the public record)
  • Number and value of issued shares (for a single member company that can be just one share valued at £1.00)
  • The first 3 letters of the individuals town of birth, mother’s maiden name and eye colour - Shareholders only

Limited by Guarantee Companies

If you are incorporating a company limited by guarantee then you will not need to provide share capital or shareholder information. Limited by Guarantee companies have members rather than shareholders.

For limited by guarantee companies you will need to provide at least one object for the company. An object is a simple statement that defines what the company will do, i.e. it’s mission or objective. An object can be a single sentence or a paragraph of text, you can have one or multiple objects for your company. The objects will be stated on your company’s Articles of Association.