Pre-Acceptance Notifications for Invoices and Estimates

Occasionally you may need to display a message to your client before they accept an estimate or pay an invoice. For example you may want to ensure that they’ve acknowledged some important information like reading your terms of service or delivery schedule. This can be achieved using Pre-Acceptance notifications, these custom messages pop-up when a client either accepts an estimate or proceeds to pay an invoice.

Pre-Acceptance notifications can be configured just to show when a supplementary page is attached (i.e. your terms and conditions). You can also configure different notifications for estimates and invoices.

Creating a simple Pre-Acceptance Notification

You will find the Pre-Acceptance notification settings in the design customisation section within your account. Click on the “Account Settings” top menu followed by “Design Customisation”.

You can now enable notifications for estimates and invoices and provide some text to be shown to your user.

Once you’ve set this up the notifications will be displayed to your clients.

What will the client see?

For estimates the notification will be shown when the client clicks on the “Accept” button.

For invoices the notification will be shown when the client clicks on the “Pay Online” button.

Recording the client's acknowledgement

When a client clicks on the “OK” button to acknowledge your message, an event will be recording against the respective estimate or invoice. This will show when the notification was acknowledged and who acknowledged it.

Don’t forget you can also combine this feature with Supplementary Pages as an effective way to gain acknowledgement for things like Terms and Conditions.