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Receipt capture with Dropbox


The days of boxes of receipts and invoices are in the past. Using the QuickFile Receipt Hub can help you upload documents with ease and manage them in one convenient place.

If you haven’t already, you should check out our Dropbox integration. This allows you to upload files in bulk from your device into QuickFile - quick, simple and in most cases, free. But did you know Dropbox can help capture your receipts too?


You don’t need to link your QuickFile account to capture your receipts and invoices, but you will need to link your accounts if you want to upload your files. This will take around 2 minutes and creates a dedicated QuickFile folder for your files.

Link Dropbox and QuickFile

Once your accounts are linked, you can download the Dropbox app to your phone. This is a free app and available on both Android and iOS

Once installed you are ready to start capturing your receipts.

Receipt Capture and Upload

Dropbox comes with a built in “Scan” feature, which automatically crops and compresses photos into a PDF or JPG, and then upload straight to your QuickFile account. It’s a simply, straightforward process.

The below process is taken from Android. iOS may vary.

  1. Start by tapping the Add File button. On Android, this is a blue + in the bottom right corner.

  2. Then tap Scan Document

  3. Take the photo of the receipt/document. Dropbox will automatically adjust to the paper size, so it’s a good idea to take it against a dark background. You can use the built in flash option to help too.

  4. Once the image has been taken, you can adjust the image, rotate it, even add more pages if needed.

  5. Lastly, give your file a name (or keep the prefilled one), select the file type, and ensure the save location is your QuickFile folder.

  6. And save!

Your file will be saved, compressed and uploaded to your Dropbox folder. This will appear in your QuickFile account within a few minutes.


Dropbox is a free app and allows you to capture your receipts on the go. They can be uploaded straight into your QuickFile account without any worry about losing the receipt on your way home.

QuickFile also leaves the original file on Dropbox for you, so you always have a back up too.