The QuickFile Power User Subscription is a premium service offering a range of productivity enhancements over the standard version of QuickFile. The subscription is renewed on an annual basis and includes the additional features listed here

How do I enable the Power User Subscription?

You can enable the Power User Subscription by clicking your company name in the top right-hand corner and selecting Services / Subscriptions.


A subscription can then be purchased from the following link:

When the payment is complete the additional Power-User Features will become available in your account. You may need to log out and back in again for all features to take effect.

Additional features

Here is a list of additional features that you will have access to with a Power-User Subscription. This list will continue to expand as we build out more advanced tools in the coming years.

Advanced customisation

The Advanced Customisation tools offer a unique way to control a number of key visual aspects within QuickFile through the use of CSS and HTML. With these tools you can customise your login screen, user interface, client area, outbound emails, and much more.

Bank Tagging Insights

Bank Tagging Insights relies on Machine Learning (ML) to understand your bank transactions and to make suggestions on how they should be tagged. This delivers a quick and convenient way to build a comprehensive set of auto tagging rules to minimise the time you spend bringing your books up to date.

Segmented profit and loss report

A detailed profit and loss report allowing you to break down profitability over monthly, quarterly, and yearly periods.

Cash based profit and loss report

Generate a cash based profit and loss report for better visibility on your cash position. The cash based profit and loss report may also be used to help you prepare your tax return if you are eligible to report your income and expenditure on a cash basis. Find out more here.

Custom trading styles

Create multiple trading styles in a single account and assign them to specific clients. Easily create custom branding, invoice designs and client areas themes for individual clients. Find out more here.

Full audit trail and revision history on invoices, estimates and recurring templates

See exactly what, when, and by whom a change was made on an invoice, estimate, or recurring template.

Sent email log (last 6 months)

Retains copies of all emails sent from QuickFile for 6 months.

Enhanced multi-invoice entry

Using the standard QuickFile app you can only bulk enter invoices for a single Client/Supplier and nominal code per batch. With the Power-User Subscription you can set each invoice line to allocate to a specific Client/Supplier and nominal code saving time on bulk entries.

Detailed breakdown of profits available for distribution

This report works as an extension to the Tax Summary Report and allows a Limited Company to calculate profits available for distribution (i.e. dividends).

Split bank tagging

When posting your bank entries directly to a nominal code, you can split the entry over multiple codes, much like a journal.

Keyboard shortcuts

Get to where you need to be much faster with keyboard shortcuts. Full list can be found here.


An extension of the QuickFile API allowing you to receive live notifications on key events within QuickFile delivered directly to your application. Find out more here.

Customised dashboard totals

Include the balance of additional nominal accounts (e.g. credit card, tax liabilities, merchant accounts etc) on your Dashboard totals. Find out more here.

Supplementary invoice and estimate pages

Attach your own custom pages to estimates and invoices. Great for things like terms and conditions, approval forms and product instructions Find out more here.

Custom client email templates

Create custom email templates for specific clients that work with new invoices, estimates, statements, recurring invoices and payment notifications. With custom email templates you can tailor your routine email communications on a per-client basis.

VAT Bridging Module

If you require a simple bridging solution for filing VAT Returns on the new Making Tax Digital gateway, QuickFile can prepare and submit your VAT Return from a custom spreadsheet report. Find out more about VAT Bridging here.

Client / Supplier Attachments

Enhanced file management module allows for documents to be attached directly to your client / supplier cards.

Multi-currency Reporting

Quickly convert your Profit and Loss, or Balance Sheet report to a currency other than GBP. Select your currency and enter the exchange rate to convert the report

How do I cancel my subscription

If you do not wish to renew your subscription you can simple ignore any reminders that you receive in regards to renewing. We do not automatically renew Power User subscriptions and there is no automated payment collection. At the end of the subscription your account will be downgraded.

Please note: if your account requires a Power User subscription due to it’s size you will need to renew the subscription for continued access. Any advanced features offered as part of the subscription will also be disabled.